12 stremmata is an organic aromatic and medicinal herbs farm located in Fotolivos, Drama, Greece.


In between Falakro and Paggaio mountains, next to Aggitis river at a propietary land of 1.2 hectares we cultivate a variety of aromatic and medicinal herbs.


It all started in 2014 when planting 0.6 hectares of Lavandula angustifolia hybrid.




The following year we expanded our plantation with several other species.


The pilot plantation project includes the species below:

Lavender, sideritis (mountain tea), salvia, echinacea.







With more than 15 years of experience in beekeeping, the "marriage" of the beehive with the herbs has come as a natural and anticipated event.


The result of this marriage is the production of an excellent lavender honey, a unique product for the greek beekeeping society.


Continuing this harmonious symbiosis and through efforts and experiments we look forward to the production of innovative products with excellent characteristics and optimum quality.



Discover VORIA CHORA series and the unique lavender honey with the exquisite creamy texture as well as the amazing flower honey with organic sage and flower honey with organic echinacea.