The cultivated species where chosen by taking into account both the climatic and soil conditions of our farm and the rich flora of Greek nature, which "accommodates" nearly 6.500 different species and subspecies of aromatic plants and medicinal herbs, of which 1,600 are endemic, that is, they only grow in our country.


Organic farming is a philosophy for us that aims both at protecting the consumer and the environment we will bequeath to future generations.


Organic farming means first and foremost a clean environment, it means lifestyle and uninterrupted personal work.












Cultivated species:




Lavandula Angustifolia Hybrid


Sideritis Raeseri & Athoa


Salvia Officinalis


Echinacea Purpurea








All cultivation is done manually, from scraping and fertilizing to harvesting and pruning.


Drying process of the herbs is done naturaly either in specially designed wooden cabinets or in wires hanging herbs in buns.


Furtilization of the plant for both enhancement and assistance is limited to nature-derived formulations such as zeolite, active micro-organisms, earthworms, etc.